6 Reasons Why SharePoint Is Good For Your Business

SharePoint is among the most loved collaboration platforms, widely embraced across businesses of every size. And with each update, this platform is rapidly growing into a robust collaboration technology. But while this whole scene looks flooded with hope, it has its own grey areas of complexities, which bring legitimate questions regarding its worth. The whole business environment is clouded with discussions if this platform is good to use.

We have tried to bring out the most pressing reasons which assert that SharePoint will do more good to your business than not:

SharePoint as a Powerful Collaboration Tool:

SharePoint is an un-replaceable collaboration tool, which helps in executing business activities from initiating, tracking, to reporting. It simplifies work with its out of the box workflows, that make it easy to edit, review, or track work on a particular document.

SharePoint with Office 365 Is Your New Virtual Workplace

With Microsoft SharePoint introduced on Office 365, work is nothing like what it used to be. It has given way to virtual workplace where employees are empowered to collaborate and complete tasks together by connecting from different locations. Employees no more need to reach out to the IT for help.

Power to Integrate:

SharePoint easily integrates with mailbox, browsers, desktop applications, which provides a consistent experience to the user, taking struggle out from the whole process. This deep integration bring consistent and simple experience.

Controls In Your Hands

SharePoint allows you to explore the functions and specify security settings. Once you implement SharePoint, it can be modified after a thorough performance audit. This will reduce the risk of data insecurities, compliance ignorance, and the absence of responsibilities as you can define roles and allocate responsibilities. Everything work done in SharePoint stays in control, which gives a power over functions of the entire team. Tools like Site Administrator help you gain a deep insight into your SharePoint environment, helping you understand what changes need to be made here.

Customize to Any Degree

Both, SharePoint on premise and on cloud offer a range of customization options related to document libraries, custom lists, public views, and even create cascading style sheets. You can strike a right balance and lay your governance plan properly, aligning it with your business needs.

Brings a High-Level of Security:

SharePoint is a perfect combination of out-of-the-box capabilities and control. While it gives you the power to streamline work in your team, it also lets you apply permissions that regulate their access. You can restrict or control their activities and define their role and contribution. This has a two-way effect. While it will regulate work for your employees’ it will ensure a tight security of your data and content, saved on the server.

Restore the Lost Data:

With SharePoint, developers are able to restore the data, accidentally lost during work. SharePoint environment doesn’t go down with such loss, as there is always a hope of bringing it back again from the backup. There are also tools available in market, who help in this recovery.

Last but not least, SharePoint implementation depends on training that the users get. Besides, a regular audit helps you make a governance plan and align your strategy with company goals.

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