How to reduce risks and protect privacy across enterprise SharePoint systems?

Most enterprises have a huge amount of business data stored in their enterprise SharePoint systems and some of them may pertain to confidential information about future business strategies, forecast figures, partnership plans, sensitive customer data, and other information. The sensitivity and privacy of this data often get overlooked and may be used solely for reporting purposes or remains buried in the ungoverned SharePoint sites. With an ever-increasing count of data breaches, for organizations around the world, information security and data privacy are fast becoming the top-most priorities for organizations. The urgency of addressing such needs is further accelerated by the new global regulations such as GDPR and CCPA that require compliance across multiple types of content.

Challenges in managing data privacy

Sensitive and confidential information is spread across different business systems within an enterprise SharePoint environment – including applications and sites (for HR, Sales, Finance, etc.). The problem is: most organizations do not have the tools to identify them and run the risk of such information being exposed, stolen or lost. This puts the organization in danger with the breach of regulations including privacy. Consequently, the organizations are hard-pressed to identify and protect their sensitive information to meet the highly regulated compliance requirements specific to their industry. 

Additionally, there is also a need to put essential processes in place to govern the business data to improve collaboration, productivity, and efficiency that drive business growth in an intensely competitive marketplace. In the existing environment of compliance strictures, it is easy to forget that collaboration extends well beyond the ability to simultaneously work on a document. To promote an environment conducive for collaboration, enterprises need to provide their staff with access to the right content that might be used when and where needed. You need to have the right tools to facilitate governance, data protection and authorized sharing of content without negatively impacting the user experience.

It is imperative then for organizations to solve their SharePoint data governance issues by adopting a tool that provides an overview of the entire SharePoint environment along with its contents, even at the granular levels.

Mitigate Risks and Protect Privacy with Site Administrator

Let us introduce you to AgreeYa’s Site Administrator that has been enabling organizations to manage, govern and control their SharePoint environment better. This centralized SharePoint administration console automates the discovery of SharePoint sites and servers. With this tool, organizations can get an overview of authorized access, reporting, and usage of content from various business applications and sites. It offers uniform management of data to reduce risks, complexity, and costs associated with SharePoint data governance. Site Administrator helps organizations in:

  • Managing their critical information through efficient access and permission management.
  • Allows the discovery of all SharePoint business applications, including the retired and abandoned ones.
  • Ensures excellent performance through SharePoint servers and site health tracking.
  • Helps IT experts issue global policies across the organization’s servers and sites with a high level of confidence.
  • Empowers system experts to extract quality information for stakeholders through – metrics, trends, and user-activity -analysis.

In simple terms, Site Administrator allows organizations to control data, enhance compliance, improve productivity and lower the costs of structured and unstructured content across SharePoint systems. Simply put, it helps organizations reduce risks and protect privacy across the enterprise SharePoint systems.

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