AgreeYa’s Site Administrator enables a centralized administration and control of SharePoint servers and sites, throughout the enterprise. Its strength lies in empowering the system managers to make enterprise-wide changes to server and site policies, while implementing global policy management.

Enabling Tool

Site Administrator is an enabler of several SharePoint actions, which are otherwise restricted:

  • Helps to fully discover and understand a SharePoint environment and infrastructure
  • Establish good health and performance of both, SharePoint’s: Servers and Sites
  • Generate critical reports through: trend, metrics, and user activity analysis to extract relevant information for stakeholders
  • Build security policies that prove effective in management of: access and permissions, to business-critical information
  • Issue global policies across the organization’s servers and sites, saving IT experts’ time
Discover and Understand Complete SharePoint Environment

Discover a SharePoint environment’s extent and understand it to achieve a full control over it:

  • Automated discovery of SharePoint environment and infrastructure
  • Navigation of discovered results
  • Provides a centralized administration and management console
Sweep-Through Reporting

Site Administrator makes it easy to generate sweep-through reports to enable deep analysis and well-thought-out decision making:

  • Enterprise reports to audits, traffic, server, content, and storage metrics, enabling an informed decision making
  • Reports on traffic usage, user activity and search stats to enable a deeper analysis
  • It also releases automated permission reports
Global Policy Management and Enforcement

Site Administrator is an enabler of consistent and global policies:

  • Enables policies for site content alerts, users and permissions, auto deletion, lists and libraries, self-service site creation and general settings