Discovery and Reporting
  • Site Administrator identifies and reports on entire SharePoint environment – farms, servers, and unknown situations, to facilitate its understanding. It is enabled by provisioning tools and reports through a web-based interface, in a security-trimmed environment.
  • Prepare Before You Migrate
  • It helps in discovering the true extent of a SharePoint environment, prioritize content through context reports, and begin a smooth migration without any hitches.
  • Extensive Security Control
  • Site Administrator permits the user search and access to rights (with any status), from within the search results and reports. Hence, its Security Explorer simplifies SharePoint security with point-and-click permissions management.
  • Operational Auditing
  • Site Administrator creates simple and interactive reports for analysis, by tracking user activity, aggregating content, and security modifications happening across the sites and site collections. It enables a successful decision-making by the administrator and content owners.
  • Growth Management and Forecast
  • Site Administrator enables monitoring of growth trends over the time, while protecting SharePoint from out-of-control growth and content sprawl, as you plan for expansion. It also runs a report and acts within that same dashboard, enforcing content versions and structures across an environment.