SharePoint Governance: Share the Burden

SharePoint Self-governance is a strategical move that stitches the functionality of IT and business content owners, bringing: delegated access, policy enforcement, and an effective reporting mechanism. This strategy does not crop up over a day. It is built, evolved, and established for organisational — stability and disaster resistance. This document will take you through: understanding governance, challenges related to it, how to establish a lasting strategy, and how to quantify your policy.

Essentials Of SharePoint Governance

It’s no secret that a well-managed SharePoint is central to business continuity and productivity. Beginning with a formal governance program that’s flexible enough to evolve with organizational needs, businesses can proactively address and resolve modern-day issues. But what are the essentials of the SharePoint governance plan for an organization?

SharePoint Audit Is It Really a Need?

SharePoint is a mighty tool, but even it has its limitations. Team work performed on this tool often leads to a possibility of malicious behavior in its environment, which is difficult to track. This is where a need for SharePoint audit comes in. SharePoint audit makes all the work on SharePoint trackable, helping you rectify any issue before it takes a monstrous form. So is SharePoint audit really a need?