Manage & Govern Your SharePoint Effectively

Manage & Govern Your SharePoint Effectively

11.00 AM PST | June 12, 2018

SharePoint is an ever-evolving technology, which makes its ecosystem highly complex and hard to manage. Moreover, an un-managed SharePoint environment is a mess which soon grows into a vast, unmanageable jungle, making its administration an unachievable dream.

These are the major challenges related to SharePoint, faced by organizations:

  • Lack of central management
  • Insufficient reporting
  • Limited permission management
  • Limited auditing

To address the above challenges we conducted a webinar on Site Administrator for SharePoint, to help you Manage & Govern your SharePoint effectively. It will help you learn how to:

  • Discover and understand the true extent of your SharePoint environment
  • Establish security policies by managing all access and permissions to business-critical information
  • Ensure maintenance of external regulations & internal security controls through SharePoint audit reports
  • Validate health and performance of all SharePoint servers and sites by analyzing metrics, trends and user activity

This webinar, will help you learn how you can streamline SharePoint, build custom reports, set global policy settings, manage permissions and audit your environment while proactively managing collaboration, security, and compliance for your organization.

If you want to know more about Site Administrator, or want to discuss how it can help your organization, drop us an email at siteadministrator@agreeya.com.


Aditya – Product Specialist – Site Administrator AgreeYa
Owais Baba – Solutions Director – Site Administrator AgreeYa