Reasons Why SharePoint Adoption Is Still Being Talked About

SharePoint has been among us since quite a while. Several organizations have embraced it with a toothy smile, while others did a customary implementation, to improve their productivity and effectiveness at workplace. But their stories of struggle with its adoption has been the same. SharePoint is still a struggle for employees who fail to understand, hence achieve anything on it.

While these challenge are associated with SharePoint, this struggle for adoption has more due to do with the way it is treated by organizations. While all the possible solutions to address SharePoint adversities are available in the market, challenges wage on, with more and more employees feeling stuck in their classic issues, in dearth of proper guidance.

So the reason why we all these challenges continue to persist, and we keep asking each other the same question over and over, are these.

First, there is a persisting lack of meaning and purpose in adoption of SharePoint for the employees. If you step into their shoe, you will understand it too; why would an employee put so much of extra effort in just making a tool implementation successful, which isn’t even a part of their role in the organization? They need to see the purpose, meaty possibilities hidden behind this forced implementation, before they adopt it. While organizations are focusing so much on finding solutions that ease work on SharePoint, it is more important to fill this gap in-between, to achieve anything on SharePoint. To put it in a sentence, SharePoint might be great, but, to what effect for a particular employee? Spread this information across.

Secondly, there is a lack of technical support and a proper training on this technology. While this might sound like spoon feeding for many of us, it remains a fact that SharePoint calls for training. Organizations continue to fail in this endeavor, while they pursue methods to ease the work. Training cannot be replaced with any other solution than this.

Thirdly, missing support from the management continues to affect SharePoint adoption. Pushing the employees doesn’t help, unless management supports the decision. It won’t make sense to them, until it makes sense to the management. Drive it from management to the employees to save the effort of binding employees with rules.

Fourthly, finding right solutions to SharePoint related difficulties needs acumen and insight into the tool. Purpose of SharePoint is not to gather support tools for SharePoint, aim is to find support tools that align with solutions to your specific challenges related to SharePoint. There is some sort of help available for every problem.

Fifthly, inappropriate integration is another question that is left unaddressed. Without connecting SharePoint to the entire system of document management. Without which, it will not be possible to allow an enterprise-wide search. Besides, only a complete integration can help the site owner to peep into the SharePoint environment, its functions, controls, and accesses, with the power to administer SharePoint.

How Do You Define SharePoint’s Success in an Organization

SharePoint’s success depends on two factors, how vastly it is adopted in an organization; secondly, how well administered it is. Both the factors can be supported with tools, to make work easy and gain insight into the entire environment to achieve SharePoint administration. Know and regulate SharePoint, with complete knowledge of its functionalities.

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